About Us

Brainchild of Nupur Nagpal and Aakash Saikia -  Chalk Studio - a young footwear design and manufacturing label based out of New Delhi, India.
It is every girl's dream to wear high heels and walk with grace and poise. Nupur Nagpal was no different growing up. Since her kindergarten days, she would try on her mom's heels every chance she got and would walk around the house beaming with joy. By the time she graduated from school she wanted to wear heels all the time! The problem, however, was the pain and agony that accompanied them. No matter where she bought her heels from, they would start hurting within a few hours of wear.

To resolve this age-old issue plaguing the fashion lovers of the world, she co-founded Chalk Studio with Aakash Saikia 
in the September of 2012.
Chalk Studio has been our labour of love. Our life project.
Both of us, Aakash and Nupur had been working steady jobs for nearly three years when we started doing the groundwork for a footwear label. During the innumerable trips through the narrow streets and back alleys of Old Delhi, we met some amazingly talented and dedicated artisans and skill-workers who gradually became a second family to us.

By late 2013, we knew we had found our calling. With nothing other than our paltry savings (from our paltry corporate salaries) and the trusting relationships that we had built along the way, we decided to take the plunge.

We were two naive 23-year-olds, with no lines of credit from banks, no VC funding, and no one to guide us through the ropes. All we had was our sweat and toil, and an indomitable spirit. Our vision was to build a collective that enables sustainable growth for all workers and stakeholders.

Our operations started out of a single 6 x 6 compartment in the cramped alleys of Anand Parbat. We had 2 karigars, 1 of whom doubled as our pattern master. We worked ALL the verticals between the two of us. Design, sales, BD, merchandising, marketing, accounts, HR, admin, cleaning crew and janitorial services.
Very slowly but surely we started making progress. We built our client base and started selling online. Our brand started getting noticed. Our shoes walked the runway for top designers across the country. We started getting featured in top fashion & lifestyle magazines.

Through all these years, we have slowly grown our small setup into a near 20 people organisation. 
Our entire team has been built up like a close-knit family, and consequently, all of the people working with us have stayed on for a very long time. Most of our karigars and support staff have been with us for over 4 years!
Today, Chalk Studio prides itself in making high fashion, avant-garde designs with the wearability and comfort of everyday sneakers! One can pick a pair of heels as high as 5 inches from the label but still be assured that they would be comfortable enough to walk a marathon in!

What's more, the brand strives to make its premium quality product available to one and all at highly affordable prices, bringing International designs and innovation to the Indian consumer at hitherto unseen prices; freeing them from the scour of the handful of International brands that sell a limited array of styles at exorbitant prices.